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Unformatted text preview: zations, and even politicians may also be involved 32 1.2.9 Delivery of Facility • Facility delivery process – project lifecycle (NOT facility lifecycle) – Plan, design, construct, operate • Owner starts entire process by making several decisions. Those decisions create constraints on the facility delivery process. • Result of the facility delivery process: the facility itself • Once the process is completed, performance of the process can be measured. 33 1.2.10 Performance Metrics • Objective: To optimally apply the required resources to realize a constructed facility (1) of acceptable quality, (2) on time, and (3) within budget. • Trade-off among quality, time, and cost constraints Fast (less time) Good (Better quality) Cheap (less cost) 34 Common performance metrics (or key performance indicators, KPIs): • Cost measures – Limited to the design and construction of the facility, not include land acquisition, extensive site work, process or owner costs – Unit cost: measured to indicate the relative cost of a facility for its given area. Unit cost ($/SF) = [Final Project Cost / Area] / Cost Index where Final Project Cost was the final design cost plus the final cost of construction. Cost Index used for adjustment for different countries/cities in different years 35 – Cost Growth: to measure the growth of project costs over the life of the job. Cost Growth (%) = [(Final Project Cost – Contract Project Cost) / Contract Project Cost] * 10...
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