Central reclamation phase ii tamar basin formed land

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Unformatted text preview: e I (Hong Kong Station) – Formed land of 20 hectares by reclamation – Works commenced in Sept 1993 and completed in June 1998 2. Central Reclamation Phase II (Tamar Basin) – Formed land of 5.3 hectares by reclamation – Works commenced in Dec 1994 and completed in Sept 1997. 3. Wan Chai Reclamation Phase I (for HK Convention Center Extension) – Formed an island of 7.0 hectares by reclamation – Works commenced in March 1994 and completed in July 1997. 47 • 5 projects (2 ongoing): 4. Central Reclamation Phase III – Formed land of 18 hectares by reclamation (original: 32 hectares) – Joining Central Reclamation Phase I to Wan Chai Phase II – For the Airport Railway extended overrun tunnel, North Hong Kong Island Line, Central-Wan Chai Bypass, and the Road P2 network. – Works commenced in Feb 2003 and was scheduled for completion by end 2011. The underground Central-Wan Chai Bypass is scheduled for completion in 2017. 5. Wan Chai Development Phase II – Proposed reclamation of 28.5 hectares – Extends from Central Reclamation Phase III to Causeway Bay – For Central-Wan Chai Bypass, Island Eastern Corridor Link, Shatin to Central Link, and North Hong Kong Island Line – Works commenced in end 2009 and are scheduled for completion in 2017 48 A. Needs establishment B. Feasibility study C. Schematic design (design alternatives) (public consultatio...
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