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Cost intensity to measure the unit cost of design and

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Unformatted text preview: 0% Where Contract Project Cost = design contract cost plus construction contract cost. – Cost Intensity: to measure the unit cost of design and construction work put in place in a facility per unit time. Intensity (($/SF)/Month) = [Unit Cost / (Total Time / 30)] Where Total Time = period from the as-built design start date to the asbuilt construction end date 36 • Schedule measures – Construction speed: to measure the rate at which the construction team built the facility Construction Speed (SF/Month) = [Area / ((As-Built Construction End Date – As-Built Construction Start Date) / 30)] – Delivery Speed: to measure the rate at which the project team designed and built the facility Delivery Speed (SF/Month) = [Area / (Total Time / 30)] – Schedule Growth: to measure percentage by which the schedule grew over the life of the project Schedule Growth (%) = [(Total Time – Planned Total Time) / Planned Total Time] * 100 37 • Quality measures – Turnover quality, e.g.: • Number of rework and callbacks • Achievement of expected operation and maintenance costs – System quality, e.g.: • Performance of the envelope, roof, structure, and foundation system • Performance of the interior space and layout • Performance of the environmental systems such as lighting, heating, ventilation, or air conditioning • Performance of process equipment such as elevators, vacuums, pumps, or storage tanks – Others, such as stakeholders sati...
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