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Experience with the facility type the chosen delivery

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Unformatted text preview: Ability to restrain the pool of contractors from which design and construction contractors are selected. • Experience with the facility type, the chosen delivery method, the location 15 1.2.5 Project Delivery System • Examples are: – Design-bid-build (DBB) – Design-build (DB) – Construction Management (CM) – Public private partnership (PPP) – Build operate transfer (BOT) • Considerations: – Facility type, complexity – Owner’s experience – Owner’s time frame – Owner’s financial situation 16 1.2.6 Procurement Method • Open bidding • Selective bidding (prequalification / shortlisting of bidders) • Negotiated selection process • Sole source team selection 17 Open Bidding • _________________________ • Competitively bidding adopted – The contract is awarded to the...
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