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Where is construction positioned how about

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Unformatted text preview: on is Construction? • Where is construction positioned? How about manufacturing? (Projects) (Batch flows) (Line flows) (Line flows) (Continuous flows) (Source: Schmenner 1993) 6 1.1 Characteristics of Construction Projects 1. Project uniqueness 2. Separation of design and production 3. Fragmentation 4. Competitive tendering 7 1.1 Characteristics of Construction Projects 5. Adversarial relationships (Source: Cox and Townsend 1998) 8 1.2 What is Project Delivery? • A project delivery system defines the ______________, ___________, and ________________ of project team members and the sequence of activities required to provide a facility. Construction management at risk, design-build, and design-bidbuild are three principal project delivery systems nowadays. • “Delivery methods describe the roles of participants, the relationships between them, both formal and informal, the timing of events, and the practices and techniques of manag...
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