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Unformatted text preview: o be done – Essentially an “_______________________” philosophy 25 2.3.1 Conversion/Transformation View • Current project management method: – Break project into activities (WBS, OBS, PBS) – Estimate duration and resource requirements for each activity – Place in a logical order with critical path method (CPM) 26 2.3.1 Conversion/Transformation View • Assign or contract each activity • Give start notice and monitor safety, quality, time and cost standards. Act on negative variance from standards. (Source: Lean Construction Institute 2003) 27 2.3.1 Conversion/Transformation View • Coordinate work with master schedule and weekly meetings – Reduce cost by productivity improvement – Reduce duration by speeding each piece or changing logic. – Improve quality and safety with inspection and enforcement • Production is viewed as a transformation of inputs and outputs: 28 2.3.1 Conversion/Transformation View • Current project control focuses only on – should vs. d...
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