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32 flow view flow view concept flow of material and

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Unformatted text preview: id – cost and schedule variances • Monitor work progress (production) and performance (productivity) 29 2.3.2 Flow View • Flow view: – Concept: Flow of material and information is composed of transformation, inspection, moving and waiting – Principles: Elimination of WASTE (non-value-adding activities) by compressing lead times, reducing variability, increasing transparency and flexibility – Methods: Continuous flow, pull production control, Just-in-time (JIT), continuous improvement – Practical contribution: Taking care that what is unnecessary is done as little as possible – Essentially a “Flow (WASTE) Management” philosophy 30 2.3.3 Value Generation View • Value Generation View: – Concept: Production fulfills requirements of a customer; creation and delivery of value – Principles: Elimination of ________________ (realized outcome versus best possible) by ensuring customer needs and wants are captured & challenged – Methods: Quality function deployment (QFD), analytical hierarchy process (AHP) – Pra...
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