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Unformatted text preview: ctical contribution: Taking care that customer requirements are met in the best possible manner – Essentially a “_____________________” Philosophy 31 2.3.3 Value Generation View • Value: – Fitness for use – Performance relative to cost – Expanded customer capabilities, hence creating new needs and purposes. – The facility better fulfilling the purposes of customers and demands of other stakeholders • Waste vs. Value: – Waste is usually what reduces value for the performer. – Value for the client is produced by their assessment of the deliverable when it is delivered. 32 3 Work-flow Variability • Lean construction: to eliminate 1. waste (muda), 2. variability (mura), and 3. overburden or stress (muri) in the system. Work flow Waste (Muda) Variability (Mura) Overburden (Muri) 33 • Muda (waste) – Any activity in your process that does not add value. (7 types) • Muri (unreasonable, impossible, overdoing, overburdened) – Any activity asking unreasonable stress or effort from personne...
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