34 3 work flow variability mura variability

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Unformatted text preview: l, material or equipment. – People: too heavy a mental or physical burden. – Machinery: expecting a machine to do more than it is capable or designed. – May lead to safety and quality problems. 34 3 Work-flow Variability • Mura (variability, irregularity, inconsistency) – Any variation in the operation leading to unbalanced situations. – E.g. employees are told to work like crazy early in the morning only to stand around and do nothing late in the day. – Result: excess _________________and increased _______ • Usually the three of them cannot be seen separately. When a process is not balanced (_______), this leads to an overburden on equipment, facilities and people (______) which will cause all kinds of non value adding activities (Waiting is also an activity!!) thus leads to _________. • Mura (variability) and muri (overburden) cause muda (waste) 35 3.1 Parade Game • To illustrate the impact of work flow variability on the performance of construction trades and their...
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