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Unformatted text preview: e: e.g., building perimeter walls, placing windows, installing flashing and applying sealants 37 3.1 Parade Game • Planning and scheduling practices are usually inadequate to deal with the uncertainties that affect the production system. • Critical-path method (CPM) describes activities with their durations and precedence relationships. – The finish-to-start relationship is most often used though it assumes sequential finality. i.e., predecessors must be 100% complete before their successors can start. 38 3.1 Parade Game • Results and summary: – Project completion delayed with increase of variations in flow. – Throughput reduced with increase of variations in flow. – Waste increased with increase of variations in flow. – Major task of any contractor is to determine means and methods. Parade Game shows that coordination among trades is equally important. – For a small buffer size, project duration is strongly impacted by changes in variability; for a project with a large buffe...
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