Eliminate all unnecessary tools parts sort seiri and

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Unformatted text preview: r there is little increase in project duration when the variability increases. 39 • Duration vs. variability for different buffer sizes (X1) 40 • Project cost vs. variability for different buffer size (X1) 41 4 5S Management Organize the work environment. Eliminate all unnecessary tools, parts, Sort (Seiri) and instructions. Maintain and review standards. Set in order / Stabilize (Seiton) Sustain (Shitsuke) 5S Standardize (Seiketsu) Work practices should be consistent and standardized. There should be a place for everything, and everything should be in its place. Shine (Seiso) Keep the workspace and all equipment clean, tidy and 42 organized. 4 5S Management • Additionally, three other phases are sometimes added. • Safety – Workspace safety and equipment safety should be ensured. • Security – Identify and address risks to key business categories including fixed assets, material, human capital, brand equity, intellectual property, information technology, assets-in-transit and the extended supply chain. • Satisfaction – Employee satisfaction and engagement in continuous improvement activities ensures the improvements will be sustained and improved upon. Non Utilized Intellect, Talent, and Resources can be the most damaging waste of all. 43...
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