Existence of parade of trades in sequence is widely

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Unformatted text preview: successors. • Uses simple production models, that are easy to understand and without black boxes, to help users associate the game with real life situations and draw their own conclusions from the outcomes of the game. • Existence of parade of trades (in sequence) is widely recognized. • Roll of a die that has only two values in its faces. 36 3.1 Parade Game • Parade of trades, examples (Riley 1997): – Structural Parade: e.g., erecting structural steel (steel erector); placing and securing decking and welding shear studs (decking contractor); and placing rebar, then pouring and finishing concrete (concrete contractor). – Overhead Work Parade: e.g., installing HVAC system (mechanical contractor), sprinkler system (fire protection contractor), emergency lighting (electrical contractor) and pipe (plumbing contractor) – Interior Finishes Parade: e.g., installing wall studs, routing electrical conduit, placing insulation materials, hanging drywall, painting. – Perimeter Enclosure Parad...
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