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Unformatted text preview: nowledge management (data and document management, information sharing) 5 2.1 Design-Bid-Build Delivery System • The most commonly used project delivery system in nowadays construction projects. • Plans and specifications are prepared by the design professional and become part of the bidding documents. A single contractor is then selected by the owner (client) to perform the work. Designer (Architecture/ Engineering) Owner Contractual relationship General Contractor Sub Collaboration relationship only Sub workers Sub/sub Equipment and Material Suppliers Sub workers Equipment and Material Suppliers workers …… 6 2.1 Design-Bid-Build Delivery System 7 DBB Process Bid package preparation Receipt of proposals Contractor selection Bidding Process 8 2.2 Design-Build Delivery System • Design and construction activity are contractually linked. • DB contractor can be referred to as a design builder, or an EPC (Engineer, Procure and Construct) contractor. 9 • Owner has contractual relationship with only a single entity for providing the entire project. However, portions or all of the design and construction may be performed by the entity or subcontracted to other companies. • Integrated single point of _________________ for design, construction, and project management. • Sometimes, contractors with limited in-house design capability partner or subcontract with design firms to bid for design-build contracts. ( _________________ DB) • Design firms may also partner or subcontract with contractors to bid for design-build contracts. (Designer-led DB) • Disputes between the design team and the construction force are internal matters. • ______________________________ can be done concurrently. • Coordination between design and construction is also enhanced: low life cycle cost, efficient construction process, constructability/ maintainability. 10 11 2.2 Design-Build Delivery System 1. Turnkey: The contractor provides a complete package of land, design, financing, and con...
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