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Unformatted text preview: nstruction management may also include a guaranteed maximum price (GMP), whereby the construction manager guarantees that the construction cost will not exceed a specified amount. 22 2.4.2 Construction Management At-Risk • Agency construction manager is coordinator working on behalf of owner, not contractually liable for successful completion of work. • Owner, lack of experience in dealing with construction problems and protocols, may be put at risk by poor decisions made by the CMa while supervising and controlling the project. • CM at-Risk: construction manager not only coordinates project, but also assumes responsibility for construction phase, like a construction contractor in DBB. • The CM at-Risk signs all contracts related to the construction phase of the work. • The owner contracts separately with – A designer: provide facility design, and – A contractor (CM at-risk): perform construction management services and construction work, in accordance with the plans and specs 23 • The construction manager takes on direct responsibility for construction means and methods, and trade contractors become subcontractors to the construction manager. • The construction manager often works under a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) agreement with the owner. • Sometimes called CM/GC because the construction entity provides agency CM preconstruction services and then performs much like a general contractor during construction. 24 Contractual Relationship in Agency CM and CM At-risk 25 Contractual Relationship in Design/CM 26 • Differences between CM at-risk and DBB? 1. CM at-risk: The contractor (CM) usually has ______________ __________________________. The owner can engage the construction entity much earlier in the design process. Early ______________________ in design is also allowed. 2. CM at-risk: (result of above) Early planning allows phased design and construction, advanced ordering of long lead time items, and early construction start dates for...
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