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Unformatted text preview: critical excavation and foundation packages. • Difference between CM at-risk and DB? 1. CM at-risk: __________________ for design and construction DB: _________________ for design and construction 27 2.5 Historical Background – MB, DBB, DB, CM • Master builder system dominated the construction world until early in the 20th century. – Owner hires the master builder to design, engineer, and construct an entire facility. • Design-bid-build delivery system was then evolved. Why? – As empires fell, owners were faced with limited resources. Project schedule durations decreased. The AEC industry became more competitive. More accurate forecast of costs was needed. – Project designs became more complex. Technology changed continuously. – Need for specialization of design and construction services. 28 2.5 Historical Background – MB, DBB, DB, CM • In the 70’s / 80’s, construction management was introduced. Why? – In DBB, design and construction entities were sharing information only at the end of design and during the construction process. – Extremely low interaction, particularly during the design phase – Inefficient designs, increased errors and disputes, higher costs, and ultimately longer schedules • Design-build delivery system was then proposed. Why? – Owners want to reduce in-house project management power, to reduce costly disputes between design and construction parties, to have simpler contractual relationship and integrated point of responsibility for design, construction, and project management. 29 Level of Common Understanding • Traditional DBB project delivery 30 Level of Common Understanding • DB, Agency CM, CM at-risk 31 Level of Common Understanding • Integrated Project Delivery 32...
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