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Unformatted text preview: separate contracts needs someone to coordinate with various contractors – Less clear lines of responsibility and accountability under multiple contracts (e.g. work delay, defective work claims to be resolved by the owner/ design professional) 17 Cost Savings due to Competitive Bidding of Multiple Work Packages 18 2.4 Construction Management Delivery System 19 2.4 Construction Management Delivery System • In CM, the builder who is paid a fee becomes an advisor to owner. • In CM, the construction entity is placed in an agency relationship with the owner for preconstruction services (costs, schedules, value engineering), followed by construction execution in one of several fashions, as designated by the types of contractual relations: 1. Agency Construction Management (CMa) (Agency CM) 2. Construction Management At-Risk (CM at-risk) 3. Design / Construction Management 4. Etc. 20 2.4.1 Agency Construction Management (CMa) • The construction manager is retained in an agency relationship throughout the project and administers a single or multiple trade contractors who have prime contracts directly with the owner. • The agency construction manager provides a single point of ___________________________________. Coordination relationship 21 • Construction Manager (CM) is hired during the design phase, allowing it to work directly with A/E and avoid any potential design issues before completion of construction documents. • CM acts as a construction coordinator and assists in obtaining bids and managing the construction. CM coordinates the selection of design and construction firms and supervises and controls the predesign, design, pre-construction, and construction activities related to the project on behalf of the owner. • The CM firm’s position links owner, contractor, and A/E. • Although the CM works on behalf of the owner in managing and coordinating all aspects of the project, all contracts between design and construction firms are signed by the owner. • Contracts involving co...
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