8020 rules 35 33 information transparency and

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Unformatted text preview: age of items with high impact. • You can also highlight the large percentage of items with little impact - why would you want to do this? • 80/20 rules 35 3.3 Information Transparency and Management • The key to SCM is the information flows associated with inter-organisational communications. • A core issue is the effective management of information, both in the form of information flows that permit rapid interorganisational transactions between supply chain partners, and in the form of information accumulated, coded, and stored in firm database structures. 36 Information Exchange Technologies • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems – Integrate various business units (e.g. accounting, supply planning, warehouse management) in a company and among companies – Examples: NetSuite, Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise, SAP – Targets at large corporations and stable supply chains – Studies on adoption of ERP in the construction industry (Acikalin 2009, Chung et al. 2008, Shi and Halpin 2003, Yang 2007) 37 Information Exchange Technologies • Web-Based Collaboration and Project Management Systems – Multi-organizational communication and collaborations thr...
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