Eg machines with frequent breakdown low quality

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Unformatted text preview: ee goals provides an opportunity to improvement. – E.g. machines with frequent breakdown, low quality materials, slow workers 29 Just-In-Time (JIT) Approach • Less worker __________________: Workers are trained for different operations. This provides task flexibility and fewer workers may be resulted. • Worker cooperation: Workers help each other if there is a bottleneck. • Autonomation (autonomous _________________): Machines have automatic stop devices which can be pushed if a worker sees a defect. Entire line stops until the problem is cleared up. Quality problems can be rapidly spotted. • Quality circles: Workers become part of the quality control process. • Integrated production: Close relationship with suppliers. Suppliers must be willing to use the Kanban system. 30 Potential Drawbacks of JIT/Pull/Kanban • Slow to react to changes in demand. • Ignore known information about future demand patterns. • Suppliers must be reliable and react more quickly. Flow of information Kanban system Flow of production Cen...
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