Strategic partnering provides the full benefits of

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Unformatted text preview: rojects. • The benefits increase as each project undertaken profits from the lessons learnt from previous projects. • Strategic partnering provides the full benefits of partnering because it allows time for continuous improvement. 6 • Essentially, partnering aims at: 1. Meeting the mutually agreed project objectives by cooperation, teamwork and mutual trust, rather than by confrontation 2. Placing value on long-term relationships 3. Equitable _________________ 4. Improving communication and understanding 5. Lowering project costs, reducing project time and improving quality 6. Encouraging ____________, waste reduction and better longterm profitability 7. Minimizing contractual conflict and reducing waste 8. Achieving a better project outcome through the earlier involvement of all the members of the ______________ 9. Establishing a responsive project organization focused on decision making 7 2 Benefits of Partnering? • Practitioners may ask, “What benefits will partnering give me?” • The major primary stakeholders in a partnering project: – The project owners (clients) – The main contractors – The design team (architect, engineer and consultant) – The spet contractors – The sub(sub)contractors – The suppliers 8 2 Benefits of Partnering? • (All) Improved relationships and communication among project participants • (All) More efficient resolution of problems due to open communication • (All) Reduced exposure to litigation through open communication • (All) Increased opportunity for a financially successful project because of non-adversarial win-win attitude • (All) Long-term trusting relationship achieved • (Client, Main Contractor) Lower risk of cost overruns and delays due to better time and cost control • (Main Contractor) Better time and cost control over project • (Design Team, Contractor) Enhanced role in decision-making, as an active team member in providing interpretation of design intent and solutions to problem...
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