Of control or even dishonesty arising from relaxing

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Unformatted text preview: s • (All) Early identification and discussion of problems and solutions in a more casual atmosphere 9 10 Potential Risks or Problems of Partnering • A loss of control or even dishonesty arising from relaxing the fundamental contract • Lack of willingness to embrace change; A desire to retain the “yesterday solution” • It takes time to achieve properly, up-front investment • Lack of senior management support and confidence • Lack of commitment, or uneven levels of commitment • Failure to share information • An inability to embrace continuous improvement • Judgments made on limited project outcomes • Over optimism when benefits will be achieved • Creation of master-servant relationship • Lack of proper training on the partnering approach • Selection of the wrong partners 11 3 How to Achieve Partnering? 12 3 How to Achieve Partnering? • In relation to partnering, the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has published the following useful guidelines. 1. Choose partners committed to ethical practices 2. Know your partners 3. Control the relationship (avoid fraud) 4. Partnering does not mean loosening supervision 5. Trust but don’t sacrifice checks and balances 6. Observe the principles of fairness, openness and justice, but not favoritism 7. Flexibility but not unrestrained discretion 8. Communication but not taking shortcuts 9. Mutual benefits without jeopardizing public interest 10. Over-empowerment without management control leads easily to manipulation and covering up 13 4 History of Partnerin...
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