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Unformatted text preview: Three primary aspects of a company’s network structure: (1) the members of the supply chain, (2) the structural dimensions of the network, and (3) the different types of process links across the supply chain. 53 (Lambert and Cooper 2000) Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) Framework • Generic, hierarchical supply chain network modeling framework • 5 basic supply chain operations: • Plan : plan for supply chain operations • Source : manage the procurement, delivery, receipt, and transfer of component products • Make : transform products to a finished state • Deliver : distribution management, order management, and transportation management • Return : post-delivery customer support Supplier’s Supplier 54 Supplier Your Company Customer Customer’s Customer Four Levels of Modeling in SCOR Framework Level Description 1 SCOR Model # Top Level (Process Types) Configuration Level (Process Categories) 3 Not in SCOR Model 2 Process Element Level (Decompose Processes) 4 Schematic Plan Source Make Deliver Return Return S1: source stocked product; S2: source MTO product; S3: source ETO product; M1: make-to-stock; M2: make-to-order (MTO); M3: engineer-to-order (ETO); D1: deliver stocked product; D2: deliver MTO; D3: deliver ETO; D4: deliver retail P1: plan supply chain; Plan P2: plan source; P3: plan make; P3 P4 P5 P1 P2 P4: plan deliver; P5: plan return P1.1 Identify, Prioritize, and Aggregate SupplyChain Requirements P1.2 Identify, Assess, and Aggregate SupplyChain Resources P1.3 P1.4 Balance SupplyChain Resources with SupplyChain Requirements Establish and Communicate Supply-Chain Plans Implementation Level (Decompose Process Elements) 55 SCOR Level 2 Process Categories Level 1 Level 2 Process Category Process Type PLAN P1: Plan Supply Chain P2: Plan Source P3: Plan Make P4: Plan Deliver P5: Plan Return SOURCE S1: Source Stocked Product S2: Source Make-to-Order Product S3: Source Engineer-to-Order Product MAKE M1: Make-to-Stock M2: Make-to-Order M3: Engineer-to-Order DELIVER D1: Deliver Stocked Product D2: Deliver Make-to-Order Product D3: Deliver Enginee...
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