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Unformatted text preview: r-to-Order Product D4: Deliver Retail Product RETURN SR1: Source Return Defective Product SR2: Source Return Maintenance, Repair, Operations (MRO) Product SR3: Source Return Excess Product DR1: Deliver Return Defective Product DR2: Deliver Return Maintenance, Repair, Operations (MRO) Product DR3: Deliver Return Excess Product 56 SCOR Level 1 and Level 2 Modeling - Make-to-Order Standard / Configurable Products Manufacturers Distributors Subcon’s Office Subcon’s warehouses Construction site SCOR Level 1 model Plan Make Plan Deliver Plan Deliver Source P1 Plan Supply Chain SCOR Level 2 model P3 Plan Make P4 Plan Deliver P4 Plan Deliver D2 Deliver MTO M2 Maketo-Order D2 Deliver MTO Plan Source Information flow MTO: Make-to-order Source Material flow P4 Plan Deliver P2 Plan Source S2 Source MTO Deliver S2 Source MTO D1 Deliver Stocked S1 Source Stocked S2 Source MTO SCOR Level 3 and Level 4 Modeling SCOR Level 3 model And OR D2: Deliver Maketo-Order Product SCOR Level 4 model (implementation of a SCOR Level 3 process) Manufacturer D2.2 Receive, Configure, Enter & Validate Order 58 References • Erhun, F. (2006) Lecture notes for “Internet-enabled Supply Chains”, Stanford University, USA. • Hausman W. H. (2006). Lecture notes for “Supply Chain Management”, Stanford University, USA. • Simchi-Levi, D., Kaminsky, P., and Simchi-Levi, E. (2000). Designing and Managing the Supply Chain, McGraw Hill. • Pryke, S. (2009). Construction Supply Chain Management, Wiley-Blackwell. • Vrijhoef, R., and Koskela, L. "Roles of Supply Chain Management in Construction." Proceedings of the 7th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC-7), Berkeley, USA, Oct 25, 07, 133-146. • Xue, X., Li, X., Shen, Q., and Wang, Y. (2005). "An agent-based framework for supply chain coordination in construction." Automation in Construction, 14(3), 413430. • O'Brien, W. J., London, K., and Vrijhoef, R. "Construction supply chain modeling: a research review and interdisciplinary research agenda." Proceedings of the 10th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC-10), Gramado, Brazil, August 6-8, 2002, 129-148. 59 References • O'Brien, W. J., Formoso, C. T., Vrijhoef, R., and London, K. (2009). Construction Supply Chain Management Handbook, CRC Press. • Cheng, J. C. P., Law, K. H., Bjornsson, H., Jones, A., and Sriram, R. (2010). "Modeling and monitoring of construction supply chains." Advanced Engineering Informatics, 24(4), 435-455. • Lambert, D. M., and Cooper, M. C. (2000). "Issues in supply chain management." Industrial Marketing Management, 29(1), 65-83. 60...
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