A possible root cause can be uncovered by continuing

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Unformatted text preview: or effects. A possible root cause can be uncovered by continuing to ask “why” or “how” along one of the lines. Environment Bone expanded by brainstorming 59 8.3 Perform Quality Control • Histogram: a vertical bar chart showing how often a particular variable state occurred. 60 8.3 Perform Quality Control • Pareto Chart: a specific type of histogram, ordered by frequency of occurrence. Rank ordering is used to focus corrective action. – Related to Pareto’s Law, which holds that a relatively small number of causes will typically produce a majority of the problems or defects. (80/20 principle) 61 9 Project Human Resource Management • Project Human Resource Management includes the processes that organize, manage, and lead the project team. • The type and number of project team members can change frequently as the project progresses. • The project management team is a subset of the project team. 62 9.1 Develop Human Resource Plan • The process of identifying and documenting project roles, responsibilities, required skills, organizational chart, reporting relationships, and creating a staffing management plan. • Organizational theory: provides information regarding the way in which people, teams, and organizational units behave. 63 9.1 Develop Human Resource Plan • Organizational Charts: Various formats exist to document team member roles and responsibilities. – Hierarchical-type charts: Organizational breakdown structure (OBS) base...
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