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8.2 Perform Quality Assurance The process of auditing the quality requirements to ensure appropriate quality standards and operational definitions are used. Perform Quality Assurance also provides an umbrella for continuous process improvement , which is an ___________ means for improving the quality of all processes. Continuous process improvement reduces waste and eliminates activities that do not add value. 57 Quality Audits: May be scheduled or random , may be conducted by internal or external auditors . The goals includes to identify all good/best practices, to identify all gaps, to offer assistance to improve execution, etc. Process Analysis: identify needed improvements, examine problems experienced and ______________ experienced , identify non-value-added activities during process operation.
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8.3 Perform Quality Control The process of monitoring and recording results of executing the quality activities to assess performance and recommend necessary changes. Quality control is performed throughout the project. Project results include deliverables and project management results, such as cost and schedule performance. 58 Run Chart: Similar to a control chart without displayed limits, run chart is a line graph that shows data points plotted in the order in which they occur.
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