4 111 types of knowledge 5 111 types of knowledge

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Unformatted text preview: lp in riding a bicycle, and few riders are in fact aware of this. 4 1.1.1 Types of Knowledge 5 1.1.1 Types of Knowledge • Causal knowledge – Rules representing links such as physical principles, empirical knowledge and heuristics. – Causal knowledge is also easy to implement in computers because most computer languages have if … then … statements. • Control knowledge – linking procedures, rather than data, together. – An example of control knowledge is a set of steps to study for an exam. 6 1.2 Representing Knowledge • How is knowledge represented in knowledge systems? • We can represent knowledge using techniques: – Database: relations and functional dependencies – Object hierarchies or other types of semantic networks (UML, ER model) – (Control knowledge) process modeling techniques, e.g. flowcharting, network diagram, IDEF0 7 1.3 Knowledge Systems for Decision Support • A Knowledge System (KS) is broadly defined as a computer-based system that aids the process of decision...
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