4 reasoning with knowledge rules ifthen statements

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Unformatted text preview: hematic diagram: Engineer developer Chunks of knowledge and data Control HumanComputer Interface Algorithms Engineer User 10 1.4 Reasoning with Knowledge • Rules (if...then... statements) • There are many ways to use rules to support engineering reasoning. The principal methods are – Forward chaining – Backward chaining – Bi-directional chaining (rules operate in both directions.) 11 1.4.1 Forward Chaining • Forward chaining uses the data that are currently available to satisfy the conditions of the rules (if…). • If conditions are satisfied, the rule is fired. This means that consequences (then…) are added to the currently available data. • This new augmented data set is then compared with other conditions in other rules to see if they can further augment the data set. • Chaining stops when no more rules can be fired. 12 1.4.2 Backward Chaining • Backward chaining requires an additional element. This is a goal or a question regarding a fact. • For example, a question may be whether a data value is “true”. In backward ch...
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