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If they dont the conditions of this rule are taken as

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Unformatted text preview: aining, a rule is identified that has as its consequence the affirmation of the question. • The conditions of this rule are examined to see if they satisfy the data set. If they don’t, the conditions of this rule are taken as subgoals for subsequent iterations. • Chaining stops when there are no more rules or when a predefined stopping condition is reached. 13 1.4.3 Example • You are a building inspector for a large insurance company. You are responsible for evaluating their buildings through on-site inspections. This insurance company has hundreds of buildings scattered around the country. You cannot visit each one on a regular basis. • A knowledge system has been created to help you decide which buildings require on-site inspections. • Apply forward and backward chaining to the following rules. 14 1.4.3 Example • Rules • R1: If water damage is possible and If the building has not been renovated for 30 years Then on-site inspection is necessary • R2: If the plumbing system is suspect Then water da...
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