Kss are used as stand alone systems and also in

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Unformatted text preview: making. KSs are most useful in situations where traditional algorithms have exponential complexity. • KSs are used as stand alone systems and also in combination with other components such as object oriented programs, databases. • Knowledge systems have evolved within the context of successes and failures with expert systems since the 1970s. • KS ≠ Engineer: – For important tasks, KSs cannot replace engineers. Their usefulness depends on the abilities of engineers who use them. – They can make good engineers perform better and vice versa (bad engineers may become worse!). – The engineer bears the legal responsibility for the decisions. KSs are similar to books in that they can only guide the engineer. 8 1.3 Knowledge Systems for Decision Support • Provides support for tasks with many possible solutions • Helps users identify good solutions. More generally, a good KS encourages user participation. • Has an explicit representation of knowledge • Provides greater separation between knowledge and control than with traditional approaches 9 1.3 Knowledge Systems for Decision Support • Sc...
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