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Question is an on site inspection necessary rules

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Unformatted text preview: ystem is suspect, Then water damage is possible; • R3:If the building is more than 40 years old, Then the plumbing system is suspect. Data: Building ‘D450’ is more than 40 years old and it has not been renovated for 30 years. Question: Is an on-site inspection necessary? Rules examined Rules fired New Goal 17 1.4.3 Example • Discussion: – The number of combinations of buildings to visit in a given time period is exponential in terms of the total number of buildings. Number of combinations Total number of buildings – Therefore, this is a good task for the application of knowledge systems for decision support. 18 1.4.4 Forward or Backward Chaining? • Both strategies often provide useful results for the same task. • From the viewpoint of computational efficiency, forward chaining is best when rule antecedents (the “if” part) are simpler than the rule consequents (the “then” part). This is typically the case for control tasks, process monitoring and some configuration activities. • When rule...
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