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Unformatted text preview: individuals (people), enabling them to participate in a creative process in which they share their collective skills, expertise, understanding and knowledge (information) in an atmosphere of openness, honesty, trust and mutual respect, and thereby jointly deliver the best solution that meets their common goal. (Wilkinson 2005) • Construction ICT – information and communication technology in construction 23 2 Construction Collaboration Technology and Systems • Example: – Email – Skype – Video conferencing – Wiki – Document sharing and management system – Project-specific website – Web portal – Web 2.0 – B2B, B2C, B2G – Etc. 24 Web-based Collaboration Tools for AEC Industry Communication and Info sharing Static/one-way Dynamic/interactive Screen sharing Same time (Synchronous) Connected view of databases Electronic whiteboards Instant Messaging Different time (Asynchronous) Message (notification) Web publishing (e.g. online catalog) Distributed systems Email Wiki / Blog / Forum Document sharing Group activity management Video conferencing Teleconferencing Web-based project management system (e.g. ERP) (Cheng et al. 2010) 25 2.1 Scheduling Tools • Microsoft Project 26 2.1 Scheduling Tools • Oracle Primavera 27 References • Tan, P. N., Steinbach, M., and Kumar, V. (2006). Introduction to data mining, Pearson Addison Wesley, Boston. • Hopkins, W.G. (2002). Quantitative data analysis (Slideshow). Sportscience 6, 28...
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