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Unformatted text preview: antecedents are longer than the rule consequents, backward chaining is best. This occurs for tasks such as diagnosis, evaluation and certification. 19 1 Knowledge Systems for Decision Support • Decision support systems often include: – Data base/bank, e.g. GIS • Well-organized, data updating, data consistency checking • Maybe centralized / distributed (cloud) – Data mining / reasoning algorithms – User interface • Web-based / standalone • Access control: login required, role-based settings • Human-computer interaction (HCI), layout design, # of clicks – Scenario analysis / What-if analysis – System testing – Recommendations • Strategy / design / choice • Action plan & budget allocation 20 Knowledge Life Cycle – Our Goal START: Knowledge creation through engineering activities Knowledge Creation Capture Index Store Knowledge Refinement Archives Find Knowledge Use and Reuse Access Understand 21 2 Construction Collaboration Technology and Systems • What is construction collaboration technology? What is collaboration? How about coordination and cooperation? • Collaboration is a recu...
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