It helps to ensure that requirements are delivered at

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Unformatted text preview: ements ______________ matrix is a table that links requirements to their origin and traces them throughout the project life cycle. It helps to ensure that requirements are delivered at the end of the project. 20 5.2 Define Scope • The process of developing a detailed description of the project and product. • Existing risks, assumptions, and constraints are analyzed for completeness; additional risks, assumptions, and constraints are added as necessary. • Product Analysis: For projects that have a product as a deliverable. Product analysis includes techniques such as product breakdown, systems analysis, requirements analysis, systems engineering, value engineering, and value analysis. 21 5.3 Create WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) • The process of subdividing project deliverables and project work into smaller, more manageable components. Those components are hierarchically organized in work breakdown structure (WBS). • The lowest level WBS components are the planned work, called work packages. A work package can be scheduled, cost estimated, monitored, and controlled. • The WBS structure can be created in a number of forms, such as: – Using phases of the project life cycle as the first level of decomposition, with the product and project deliverables inserted at the second level – Using major deliverables as the first level of decomposition 22 Sample WBS Organized by Phase 23 Sample WBS Organized by Major Deliverables 24...
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