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design to a decibel level of 17 were going to operate

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Unformatted text preview: he stage." • "Design to a decibel level of 17." • "We're going to operate this facility, so we need to keep energy costs low." • "Select HVAC equipment for low energy consumption." • "We're in a race with a competitor. We think we're ahead, but don't know how much." • "Accelerate project delivery within the bounds of safety, quality, and spending limits." 48 5.2 Lean Design • Crosby (1979): “1/10/100” rule for the impact of rework at different stages of a project – Changes made during the predesign phase would have an impact of _______ to the project, ________ during the design phase, and up to ________ after the beginning of construction. – If rework is deferred until after project completion, cost for changes not picked up previously could be as high as $1000! • The use of a facility must be designed before the facility itself can be designed. 49 5.2 Lean Design • Relationship between time and impact of design changes. (Source: Forbes and Ahmed 2009) 50 5.2 Lean Design – Client Types 51 Waste in Design – Unnecessary Negotiation I...
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