1999 52 521 set based design set based design is an

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Unformatted text preview: terations • Example: A beam with holes for passing ventilation ducts (Source: Lottaz et al. 1999) 52 5.2.1 Set-based Design • Set-based design is an approach that defers design decisions to the “last responsible moment” to allow for the evaluation of alternatives that improve constructability. • Set-based design involves deep thinking at each level of design for systems, subsystems, assemblies, and components. • By having decisions made at the last responsible moment, setbased design avoids loop backs that may need to be made later because of hasty decisions, as past issues have to be revisited. • Value stream mapping helps to identify the last responsible moment. 53 5.2.2 Target Cost • Ensuring that whatever target costs increase somewhere in the facility, costs are reduced elsewhere by an equivalent amount without compromising program and quality. • Refusing to add scope to a project that will overrun the target cost. • Managing the transition from design to construction to...
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