61 interconnected conversations in the last planner

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Unformatted text preview: Existing methods cannot provide an accurate schedule • The Last Planner technique for scheduling is effective because it focuses on a short-time horizon so it becomes a technique for continuous production. 61 • Interconnected conversations in the Last Planner System (Source: Lean Construction Institute) 62 6.1 Master Schedules (Should) • Pull scheduling (to create Master / Phase) • Lean construction does not replace critical path method (CPM) or other tools that define the overall work schedule, but it works within them to improve the delivery of short-term assignments. 63 6.1 Master Schedules • Purposes: – Demonstrate the feasibility of completing the work within the available time. – Determine when long lead items will be needed. – Identify milestones important to client or stakeholders. • Produce the best possible plan by involving all with relevant expertise and by planning near action. • Assure that everyone in a phase understands and supports the plan by developing the schedule as a team. • Assure the selection of value adding tasks that release other work by working backwards fr...
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