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Divide the overall target cost into component target

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Unformatted text preview: ensure the target cost is never exceeded. • Start the “Reverse Estimating” process: – Establish the overall target cost. – Divide the overall target cost into component target costs • Target cost design proposes that designers should “do it right the first time” and build constructability into their designs, as opposed to designing first and then evaluating constructability later. 54 5.2.3 Computer-aided Design • Computer simulation (building performance analysis) • Building information modeling 55 5.3 Lean Supply • Early applications of Just-in-time (JIT) in construction should focus on reducing on-site waste and operations variation by: – Selecting location and size of material buffers / schedule buffers / surge piles (Use Computer Simulation) – Creating alternative work for crews -plan buffers (Use Last Planner) • Shift detailed engineering to fabricators and installers. • Structure logistics so materials can be pulled to site in small batches. 56 Map the Supply Chains and Networks (Source: Pryke 2009) 57 5.4 Lean...
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