Flow where you can pull where you must strive for one

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Unformatted text preview: Assembly • Standardize and industrialize – Standardize the ingredients, not the recipe • Use 5S • Simplify site installation to final assembly and test, how? • “Flow where you can, Pull where you must” – Strive for one-touch material handling – Pull from off-site suppliers 58 5.5 Use • Facilities management • Much work remains • When 1% of upfront cost are spent, 70% of the life cycle cost of a building may have been committed (Romm 1994) (Source: Ballard 2000) 59 5.5 Use (Source: U.S. Federal Facilities Council, 2001) • “Operating expenses represent over 95 percent of building life cycle costs, yet operations and maintenance personnel are usually the last to be consulted during programming and design” (NIBS 2003) 60 6 The Last Planner System • “To manage a system effectively, you might focus on the interactions of the parts rather than their behavior taken separately.” (Russell L. Ackoff) • The 6th annual survey of construction owners by CMAA (Construction Management Association of America) (2005): – Between 40 and 50 percent of all construction projects are running behind schedule (same as previous years). ...
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