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Unformatted text preview: om the target completion date to produce a pull schedule. 64 6.2 Lookahead Schedule (Can) • Allow activities to remain in the lookahead window only if the planner is confident that it can be made ready for execution when scheduled. (Screening) • Screening is the process of analyzing the activities for constraints and evaluating if they can be removed in time for the planned start. • Purpose: – Match work flow and capacity – Develop detailed plans for how work is to be done • Mapping language: – Activity Definition Model 65 6.2 Lookahead Schedule (Can) 66 6.3 Weekly Work Plans (Will) • Allow activities into weekly work plans only if all constraints have been removed. (Shielding) • To form the weekly work plan: 67 6.4 Learning (Did) • Percent of Planned Completed (PPC): DIDs / WILLs • Measuring PPC 68 69 70 71 Expected PPC 72 6.5 Last Planner for Workflow Reliability 73 References • Abdelhamid, T.S. (2008) lecture notes for “CMP 831 Lean Construction Principles and Methods”,...
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