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5 in the last 20 weeks 12 13 observations gc and

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Unformatted text preview: le of project, took less than 1 hour per week to update look-ahead schedule – Initial training helped • PPC increased – PPC measurement started in Week 7 – 51% at that time – PPC measured for 35 weeks – Average PPC = 87.5% in the last 20 weeks 12 13 Observations GC and Subcontractors Satisfaction • All foremen interviewed stated that they would personally use Lean Construction principles on future projects. • Excellent ___________________ – Motivating factor by contract incentive bonus encouraged teamwork. • GC: would use those same major subcontractors on future projects 14 Observations Owner Satisfaction • Owner representatives very pleased with the GC • Projected saving: $1M (4.5%) b...
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