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Finding Faith 2007 Each new convert to a religion must have found their deity a certain way. Some will describe an experience, while others describe a conclusion. Each individual’s pathway to religion is usually never questioned: the religion is usually more concerned with converting rather than excluding new converts based upon their path towards their respective religion. With that in mind, one realizes how many different ways people find ‘god’. There are so many ways not one real ‘right’ way, that one may find himself questioning the authenticity of his belief. How can one be sure that one’s path to ‘god’ was the correct one? If there is no correct path, then how can one’s belief be genuine? On top of that, how can a single mortal comprehend a being that is in no way shape or form from our reality? In the first book, Augustine looks at the nature of his belief, how he came upon it, and how he knows that his belief is authentic. One must first look at Augustine’s account of who and what God is. The first obstacle that Augustine stumbles upon is the idea that if a new seeker (like himself) wishes to find God, how does he do it? A newcomer to God does not know God, and therefore how can he know what he is looking for? “…which comes first - to call upon you or to praise you, and whether knowing you precedes calling upon you. But who calls upon you when he does not know you?” ( Confessions 3). How can a person ignorant of God find God by himself without the help of a preacher or
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PHIL_111.2_First_Essay - Finding Faith 2007 Each new...

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