SI Mark pt. 2

SI Mark pt. 2 - 8. Where do Jesus and the “inner...

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REL 1310 Dr. Holleyman March 26, 2008 Gospel of Mark pt. 2 1. What is another name for the Triumphal Entry? Explain the irony of Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem. 2. Why does Jesus cleanse the Temple and how do the religious authorities react to this? 3. How do the officials plan to go about arresting Jesus, and who will be the key to their plot? 4. A woman anoints Jesus with expensive oils at ____________. What does Jesus have to say about this? 5. Describe the Last Supper and its significance. 6. Where does Jesus say he will meet the apostles after he is resurrected?
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7. Who says that he will not betray Jesus?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Where do Jesus and the “inner circle” go to pray? Compare and contrast how Jesus and his disciples are depicted during this prayer session. 9. Describe Jesus arrest. 10. Who is Jesus tried before? 11. Explain the commonalities between the trials. 12. Pilate offers to release ____________ or Jesus. 13. The author of Mark provides us with what information about the crucifixion? 14. Who asks for and buries the body of Jesus? 15. Who discovers the Empty Tomb? How do they react? 16. How does the Gospel of Mark end?...
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SI Mark pt. 2 - 8. Where do Jesus and the “inner...

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