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6 this system allows for a more communal learning

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Unformatted text preview: and morality. This form of westernized colonial education is inappropriate for a country that does not speak English and that holds different values than those taught in the standardized education system. The cultural interests within Tanzania are highly valued, but squandered within this standardized system. James Tooley’s Reclaiming Education states that education needs to be reclaimed from the “tyranny of schooling”. He explains this giant misconception that is assumed by many people. Being that, it is ‘crazy’ to think that we have anything to learn from countries that cannot even afford glass for their school windows and where children don’t have shoes on their feet (Tooley 2005, 2). Tooley argues that the formalized education system is far too caught up in the parochialism or narrow mindedness to ever think that the standardized education system may not always the best system. Such developed forms of education were created in the desire of governments to squash religious oppositions and expand both military and industrial might. The best education must be understood in terms of not only quality, but also in terms of what is morally desirable (Tooley 2005, 3). He further explains the differences between public and private schooling within Tanzania. The government, based on the formalized western education system, funds some public schooling. The scores that many of these students receive on their standardized examines is often low because they are forced to learn in English instead of their native African tongue, which is often Kiswahili. There is less accountability within the public school system and parents are often left confused as to what their children are learning and why. Parents usually pay for the privately funded schools, and therefore the schools are more accounta...
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