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Children are the best investment a country can make

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Unformatted text preview: of the current education system. As the United States became an industrialized nation, education also turned into an assembly line ­like process. There is a lost, homogenized sense of culture and a commercialized individuality, and a focus on standardization. Children are the best investment a country can make. Their minds are like sponges, soaking up everything 1 they are learning, but when the majority is educated through a forced system using a foreign language, education becomes a way of standardizing the world. Even western missionary workers, who will then teach in English, are often an imported formalized education from western countries. Children spend years in school, but when they are educated about profits instead of issues such as poverty and people, then the entire world will continue to suffer. Drawing from my own experiences, I have come to feel that the formalized, western education system produces students that care more about money than mankind, which I believe, stems from the capitalist society and formalized/developed education. That being said, I would like to argue that the Western formalized education system is not always suitable for a country like Tanzania. There is a disparity amongst formal education versus indigenous education, and such indigenous education is often discredited and scoffed at within job ­focused academia. Throughout the history of Tanzania, education vastly differed from one tribe to another in terms of their particular atmosphere and cultural norms, which bound them. According to Philemon Andrew K. Mushi in his book, The History of Development of Education in Tanzania, education in Tanzania has evolved through a series of phases. These phases were an attempt to achieve...
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