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Tanzania Paper INT 360

Children in developed countries are allowed to study

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Unformatted text preview: values. These “teachers” form a person so comprehensively that he or she will be prepared to face life and the world successfully. In order to be successful, they must be good, wise and reliable, and from my own experiences in western education systems, I feel like we as a developed nation have lost sight of these values. The western model is not always to correct model for many countries and Tanzania is the perfect example. 4 In an International Review of Education by Birgit Brock ­Utne entitled, Language of Instruction and Student Performance: New Insights From Research in Tanzania and South Africa, she argues that African children express themselves better when using a familiar African language as opposed to when forced to use a foreign language; which invariably is almost always English. These children hardly ever hear the English language outside of school, as it is strictly a language of instruction. “A key finding of the research is when the foreign language, English, is used, there is a wider range in test scores among students, meaning only a small group of students do well while the majority sinks” (Brock ­Utne 2007, 509). Though a small percentage of Tanzanian children are able to do well when forced to be educated in English, most of the children do poorly. Children in developed countries are allowed to study in their own language while children of this underdeveloped nation are often forced to study in English, which to them is a foreign language, within the formalized education system. In 1982, the Ministers of Education in Africa met to discuss issues of language use within education. Within this meeting, they discussed the “urgency to use African languages as languages of education especially when con...
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