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Classrooms were extremely overcrowded and among those

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Unformatted text preview: ble and the parents are more involved. 6 This system allows for a more communal learning experience and they are also able to focus on their cultural indigenous identity that often gets lost within publicly funded formalized education (Tooley 2005, 18). Of course not every privately owned educational institution runs this way, but it is important to understand what is working within a certain community and what is not. Given that Tanzania lacks many resources for a formal education that western schools have in abundance, this type of education is not appropriate, nor effective within Tanzania. There has been a huge push by President Nyerere to have Universal Primary Education (UPE) through the Education for All Movement (Wedgwood 2007). This push was towards formalized education and away from indigenous education. Nyerere’s goal was to have education for self ­reliance and to alleviate poverty by moving towards westernized education. Many Tanzanian writers identify the push for UPE as the major cause of deterioration in quality at all levels of education in Tanzania (Wedgwood 2007). UPE is now a term referring to low quality education among many Tanzanians. The expansion of primary education without expansion of secondary education led to reduced quality of education overall through this formalized system. **The graph below shows the funding going into the Tanzanian school system and the imbalance of funds mainly towards primary education: (Source: http://www.policyforum ­tz.org/files/EducationBrief2011 ­2012.pdf) Tertiary and higher education 21% Teacher education 2% Secondary education 9% Primary, non ­ formal, other education institutions and supporting services 68% 7 This growth of enrollment in primary...
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