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In fact it is taking a step backwards and that leaves

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Unformatted text preview: sidering the total commitment of the states to development”(Brock ­Utne 2007, Min. Ed 1982). Since this meeting, however, there has been very little progress towards this goal of teaching in Kiswahili. In this respect, development consists of the development of national unity, cultural development and economic and social development. Language itself is a living instrument of culture and of communication and it is vital to understand the language of instruction when going through formal education. There are many initiatives to provide education for poor countries. One of these initiatives that Brock ­Utne discusses is the called ‘Education for All’. When planning initiatives for the schools there was no mention of the language issue (Brock ­Unti 2007, 510). Many of these children in Tanzania are attending the only formal schooling available to them in a language they neither speak, nor understand. “The insistence on using foreign languages as languages of instruction in African schools is not only unethical, but also tantamount to committing intellectual and cultural genocide to the African youth at large. This calls for a change in the mindset of policy makers, for indeed 5 development is being stunted and poverty elevated rather than alleviated” (Brock ­ Unti 2007, Senkoro 2004). These children are not only lost in their education, but they are lost in life because their cultural identity is being stunted. A lot of the policies forced onto the Tanzanian education system are not improving the quality of education that the students of Tanzania are receiving. In fact, it is taking a step backwards and that leaves much to be desired in the way of sustainability, culture, collectivism,...
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