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The chagga people believe that you are a student for

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Unformatted text preview: m negatively impacted Tanzanian society and the economy. Remains of this colonial education system are still prevalent within the Tanzanian education system today. With this comes doubt in the quality of education provided within Tanzania and a divide between indigenous knowledge and formal education. In Tanzania, the view of education within the indigenous community is seen as a process that happens when you are born and lasts until you die. Professor Mosha, a Tanzanian native and professor argues in, The Heartbeat of Indigenous Africa: A Study of the Chagga Education System, that there must be a change in the current Tanzanian education system. Among indigenous education, there exists a unified trend of thought on life and the world. The Chagga people believe that you are a student for your entire life. They view the world less systemically and more cohesively. The Chagga people use indigenous knowledge to counter “Western science’s destruction of the earth”(Mosha 2000,13). These indigenous people believe that the emphasis on human relationships is absent within the Western science. The indigenous people face issues of indigenizing the curriculum from values forced by the colonial powers. Within the Chagga culture, educating a child is a community effort and thus their sense of community and their communal bond is extremely strong. If the education fails, it is because the community lacked motivation and requisite knowledge to properly educate. Mosha describes an urgent necessity to radically improve educational programs in Tanzania and Africa as a whole. He writes that modern school systems should encourage and allow parents, 3 families, and communities to participate more fully in education, specifically in areas of values, education curricula and hiring of ad...
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