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These children are not performing well academically

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Unformatted text preview: y, empowering women, safeguarding children from exploitative and hazardous labor and sexual exploitation, promoting human rights and democracy, protecting the environment and controlling population growth. Education is a path towards international peace and security” (Bellamy Unicef 1999). It is clear to see that education is an essential tool for our children our future and our world. UNICEF highlights that education allows for path to develop towards peace and security, but something that they do not focus on is what kind of education works best for certain communities. What is important to understand is the type of education these children are receiving and whether or not it is beneficial for their specific country. I agree that education goes far beyond schooling itself and that it is an essential human right. However, formalized developed education is not and should not be something that is 9 automatically believed to be the correct system. However, since western countries have power over countries in Africa and especially Tanzania, this forced western education is not an option, but obligatory. Education should involve a mixture of both informal and formal schooling, but in regards to the values held by a community and dependent on what is happening within their country. It is naïve to say that one formalized education system is universally effective. Through formalized education, there has been a disruption of indigenous knowledge. In terms of sustainability and sustainable development, indigenous people have a vast array of knowledge because they have been living holistically and sustainably for decades. However, formal education systems have disrupted the practical everyday life aspects of indigenous knowledge and ways of learning, rep...
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