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This is an important issue because i believe that

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Unformatted text preview: evant to that community. When these children are forced through a certain system and they do not do well, they lose all sense of confidence in themselves and they believe that they are not intelligent, when in fact, the system itself is inherently flawed and inappropriate. By focusing on the differences within each country, quality and important knowledge can be shared throughout the world. In conclusion, education is a fundamental tool of life. However, there must be a large discussion amongst the developed and underdeveloped countries in order to find a common ground on the curriculum taught within schools that is specific per country. As a student, you spend a majority of your day, week, and year at a formalized school. Therefore, it should be important to study a multitude of subjects valued within the community. Indigenous education is just as valid as formalized education, but their aims are different. The aims of the indigenous people are to educate their students to become moral, spiritual, intellectual and physical beings. Once this is done, they believe that the student is now fully human. Within the developed, formal education system, the goal is economic prosperity. They are taught to study really hard, to do well on standardized tests, to go to a good university, to get a good job, to consume as much as we can, and to ultimately contribute to and be valued within our economic society. The differences among education have to do with what is happening within that specific country. In a post ­ industrial country such as America, we are a society based on consumerism and economic profit. Therefore, education is like a factory or production line to produce students to be valued in the work force. In an underdeveloped country, the Indigenous education is based on the community and their education produces students who are holistically moral and have great knowledge on living sustainably amongst the world. Education varies from nation to nation and certain forms of education are not appropriate for certain countries. In the case of Tanzania, forced, western, 11 formalized education is not a suit...
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