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Tanzania Paper INT 360

Through his education in the chagga culture he has

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Unformatted text preview: ministration and teachers. Within formalized, education, industrialization and Western notions of progress validate curricular content and invalidate indigenous knowledge. He discusses that there must be new conversations between indigenous people and the voices of the poor, ethnic minorities, and disenfranchised women around the world. He pushes that there must be a “give and take” dialogue between developed and underdeveloped societies. There must be scholarly work done concerning the contribution of indigenous knowledge to the goal of sustainable development and formal education. The Chagga people believe that to know and to live morally cannot and should not be separated. One must have a thirst for life congenial to their unique human identity and compatible to the world around them. He states, “The former education system connects my mind with my heart, the one left by the Europeans creates distance. Indigenous education gives me roots to be grounded in the circle of life” (Mosha 2000, 27). Through his education in the Chagga culture, he has found a sense of connection among his head and his heart. He developed a sense of empathy towards all people and a unique view of the world as a whole. He believes that there must be a holistic education system. Within the Chagga culture, part of the student’s education is based on moral living. A sense of, “I am because we are; and since we are, therefore I am”(Mosha 2000, 30). It is this collective sense of what happens to the individual happens to the whole group. This furthers the development of both empathy and community. Everyone looks out for each other instead of solely looking out for him or herself. These children are exposed to all facets of morality, humility, physical self, intellectual values, and spiritual...
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